Shifter Bracket DIY

Well, I received my shifter bracket bushings in the mail yesterday. I got the set from Vortex member Wolfyy98 who sells them on ebay:…#ht_500wt_1117

These are the three bolts you’re going to undo. Use a 14mm socket. You may need some extensions for your ratchet.
Undo these bolts first

When you have the bolts out, I found it helped to get a flat head screwdriver to work the rubber and release any rust that has “welded” the rubber to the steel inner sleeve. The steel sleeves will press out towards the ground, so whether you push down on the flat part under the bushing or on the inner tube part, mind your fingers because when they let go, they might break free pretty quick.
Press these bushings out.

I installed the “male” side of the bushing (did he say male?) from the bottom of the bracket, so that I could get all three halves installed and align the bracket over the holes. Then just lay the other half (ok, the “female” half) on top of the male half and insert the bolt. Just install the bolts finger tight until they’re all started, then you can go at them with your ratchet.

Insert aluminum bushings

I was thinking about taking the whole bracket off to clean it up, but that would mean one more step between now and getting the car on the road. Some day…
Reinstall original bolts by hand then tighten with ratchet.

First impressions from the car are remarkable. I haven’t actually driven the car with them installed, but just going through the gears is very noticeably better. Side-to-side slop is drastically reduced; it feels much easier to tell which gear I’m actually in. Well worth the money. I love these simple little pieces that make such a difference!

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    1. Hi Lee
      I’ve just messaged the fellow that makes them. I hope he’ll reply to this thread as well with an update.

      Thanks for your comment.

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