Hey DW,
I got the bracket and it looks fantastic. Thanks for making a quality product.


This is absolutely the best route out there for getting MSD on your VR. I couldn’t be happier with DW’s bracket and support.


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  1. Whats up dw everything worked out and car ran perfect with no issues. Thanks again for getting everything shipped to me quick and easy. I will send you a pic in email, for some reason i couldnt post it in this message. Thanks Again Man

  2. Just wanted to say after installing msd coils on a vr6, shows how much a stock coil pack restricts so mich power. These Msd coils unleash the power at throttle and low end performance that u need. This setup is cheap and a easy way to release the power your vr6 is holding pack with its crappy stock coil pack.

  3. DW is a great guy, I bought the kit which is very well done, but did not fit my engine because of my cold air intake set up in the way.
    So DW was nice enough to take back the kit and return my money.
    Thanks to your idea, I was able to make my own bracket coil set up.

    thanks again
    Johnny M.

  4. Ordered bracket yesterday and have not recieved a order confirmation. Just wondering if it went through. Also, the spark plug terminals were advertised as 30.00 and it rang up for 36.00

    1. Hi Paul
      Thanks for your order- it was received and will be shipped Wednesday. I’ve refunded $6 of your payment. Sorry about that; the price has been changed to $36 and I’ve now reflected that in the description.


  5. Thanks DW!! Everything is perfect and I am really satisfied with the quality of your products and the quality of your services (even to France!!)
    Thank you very much!
    Maybe goodbye for new orders!

  6. Hey the coil pack and bracket kit just came in today. I have to say the bracket is very high quality made, very very impressed with it, I’ll tell you how much hp extra I make with this up grade. thanks very much

  7. Any idea why ICMs get fried in this conversion? I did my conversion and lost a channel in the process. I made all my connections out of the car and with battery disconnected. Have a new ICM but dont want to repaet my mistake again. Advice?

      1. By channel I mean one of the coil packs won’t fire because one of the three triggers on the icm have failed. The question is what does one do byes take in this conversion to cause them to fail? Is it an issue of something grounding out or static zapping some of the electronics? Hope that clarifies.

    1. Sorry, I’m really not sure what to tell you… I’ve been running this setup on two cars for a long time and haven’t had any issues, and the only place I’ve heard about any problems is in that thread on the Vortex, and I suspected it was due to fooling around with resistors etc. I imagine it’s something to do with wiring somewhere. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    1. Hi Dustyn. You ordered the bracket/coils/wiring kit which also includes the hardware kit. The plug wires and boots are sold separately.


  8. iv just finished installing the coil pack set up and im super happy with the results! the bracket is top quality and everything bolts together perfectly. I followed the clear how to build without a problem. One of the best mods iv done to the engine!

    best regards from over the pond 😀

  9. Hi, i ordered some bolts and wires. When can i expect them ? I didn’t receive any email confirming the shipping.

  10. Hi, I´m curious about your product, first of all I live in Mexico City so I would like to know if you can ship the items to my country? I recently purchased my mk3 vr6 99, but is still works fine, so I would like to know if you recommend replacing the original coil for the one you are selling or to wait until my coil breaks, thank you.

    And sorry for my bad spelling.

    1. Hi Fernando, sorry for the delay responding. If your stock coilpack is working fine, it’s not necessary to replace it unless you’re looking for a performance upgrade. You’ll be able to gap your plugs wider and generate a more powerful spark with the MSD coils.

      Thanks for writing.

  11. I was just wondering how long it takes for it to be shipped out. I placed an order this week and i was just trying to get an estimate so i could be home.

  12. I tried to install the msd coils the other day and it didnt work. I dont know if its cuz i used a cracked coil pack but i saw in your install pics u used a repaired one, and it worked. But i also used the rubber gromets that come with the coils which i dont think u used, could one of those be the problem. i installed my good coilpack and it fired right back up with no cel’s

    1. Hi again James. You’re correct; I didn’t use the rubber grommets on the bottom of the coils. I’m not quite sure if you’re still having trouble… your last line seems to indicate that it’s running well?

      Please let me know. Thanks

  13. Ive been running this upgrade for more then a year on both street and on the track. its seen 3 track days and has worked flawlessly everytime. the engine feels much more responsive and overall a better running engine. this upgrade is a must for any VR6 owner. heres a few of my track days with the upgrade

  14. Wanted to thank you guys for providing a higher quality part for a lower cost than many other manufacturers. I had a bracket from one of the “other guys” and it cracked right along the 90°. This bracket is thicker than my last one, and is shaped better to accomodate the footprint of the coils. The plastic nuts to prevent short circuits are a nice, thoughtful touch.

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