Pun intended 🙂

If you’re running a VW shop and would like to offer an ignition upgrade to customers with a VR6, I’d like to chat. Please get in touch and we can explore the opportunity.


  1. Hi I have an 01 jetta vr6 it’s chipped and tuned with full exshaust and cold air intake I would like to add the full line of msd hardware now and would like to take it around to the vw world at the shows or out on the town and show it.

  2. I deal with a lot of Vw guys and Vw clubs and pages online and was wondering what all it entails from my end to become a distributor as long as its still available to do so

  3. Hi Ryan here with a 2002 gti vr6 (jti) with a no knoladge about the msg ignitionpacks ans would like to know more about them

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