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Alternator mount kits for small block Chev motors with the short water pump (5-5/8″ from the block surface to the fan mounting surface). These mounts attach using the water pump mounting holes and the longer bolts supplied in the kit. No cylinder head holes are required. The alternator mounts above the intake manifold. Designed for GM pre-computer (generally 1987 and older) alternators.

Standard Mount:
Passenger side: #WS2383.
Driver Side: #WS2382. If your intake has an oil filler tube at the front, the driver side mount will interfere.
The center of the alternator pulley will be about 7-1/4″ above the top water pump mounting bolt hole.

High Mount:
Positions the alternator 1-3/4″ higher than #WS2382.

Please note that the passenger side mount blocks the heater hose connection to the water pump.


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