"Snapper" Exhaust grommets

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Grommets made from high-temp urethane for insulating the exhaust pipes from the frame. Use with Welder Series' exhaust hangers.

Also called Snapper grommets, designed for 1/8″ mounting brackets (10ga) and a 3/8″ through-bolt.

1-3/16″ OD, 7/8″ installed width.

Hi-Temp grommets are better for the hangers closest to the headers, as they will handle even more heat than the standard grommets.

When we received the latest order of grommets, we were surprised to discover that the nice red and blue grommets were replaced with this indescribable orangey-clay color. We think they're kind of ugly, to be frank... they aren't as crisp, the flashing marks are visible, and the color is *ahem* "earthy".

Black: standard, no integral washer. Sorry, currently sold out.
Ugly with freckles: standard, integral washer, smells like fresh carrots. Sorry, currently sold out.
Ugly, no freckles: hi temp, integral washer, smells like fresh carrots. In stock!

To add hardware, select the add-on and match the quantity to the number of grommets you're ordering.

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