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Available 45″ wide, but can be cut down (with a hack saw) to any length. The bar is 1” diameter solid 4142 heat treated, cold finished, with one end splined 1"-48. The other end of the bar is not splined. This smooth end gets securely drilled/pinned with a 1/4" coiled spring pin and/or welded (optional) into a coupler which welds to one of the arms. The laser-cut, 3/8″ thick arms are 8″ or 12" center-to-center. Optional Delrin bushings isolate the sway bar inside the outer tube. Adjustable rod ends connect the arms to the tabs that weld to the rear end or frame. Overall length is ¾” longer than the bar length, since the 3/8″ arms mount outside the ends of the bar. The arms can be bent to clear the coil-overs or, if used as a front sway bar, to clear the tires when turned.

About the coiled spring pins we use: These spiral pins remain flexible after installation, so they absorb shock and vibration better than slotted spring pins. Tension holds them tight against the hole wall. The chamfered ends aid insertion. Breaking strength is measured as double shear, which is the force required to break a pin into three pieces. The pins have a breaking strength of 5500 lbs.

How To Order:
The standard price includes a 1" dia, 45" long solid sway bar with the hardware package pictured below.

Work your way down the options list, selecting how you want to mount the outer tube and arms.

If you'd rather order over the phone, please call us toll free at 1-888-648-2150. We can walk you through the various options.

Hardware Package

Sway Bar base hardware package
This is the basic hardware package that comes with every kit. Heim joints are Teflon lined and made in the USA. They now come in a yellow zinc plating.

Arm Mounting Options:

Axle Bracket Tabs

Designed to mount the heim joints to 3" axle tubes. 10 ga. 3/8" hole.

Frame Mounting Tabs, 11/16"

These 3/16" thick tabs will mount the heim joints nice and close to your frame rail. 3/8" hole.

Long Frame Mount Tabs

If you need some more distance between the arm and the frame rail, these 3/16" tabs tabs might be the solution. 4" from the frame edge to the 3/8" hole center.

Control Arm Tabs

Typically used to mount the heim joints to a 1" dia tubular lower control arm. 3/16" thick, 3/8" hole.

Sway Bar Mounting Options

Polyurethane Pillow Blocks

Sway Bar Mount: pillow block

These Energy Suspension greasable pillow blocks come with split collars to keep the bar from moving laterally. Supplied: two collars and two pillow blocks. For mounting hardware options, see below. Update: no grease fittings.

Pillow Block Mounting Hardware

Pillow block mounting option A
Option A: 3/8-16 nylok nuts for mounting to an unboxed frame rail where you have access to the nuts. Lock washers not included.

Pillow block mounting option B
Option B:
3/8-16 threaded bungs to weld into a boxed frame rail.

Pillow block mounting option C
Option C:
3/8-16 tab weld nuts to weld inside the frame rail before boxing.

Tube Mount
Like our 3/4" sway bar kit, this kit is also available with a 1-5/8" OD x .188" heavy wall outer tube mount. The 1" bar is isolated with CNC machined Delrin bushings. This outer tube can be installed through the frame rails to mount the arms outside the rails. It is strong enough to be used as a crossmember to mount coilovers or Shockwaves to.

Under Frame Mount:

These plates have two 3/8" mounting holes, with the opposite end designed to weld to the 1-5/8" outer tube. With this option, the sway bar can be mounted underneath the frame rails. We have weld-in threaded bungs and hardware available to fasten the plate, if required. 1" from the top of the 1-5/8" tube to the mounting hole centerline.

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