How To Install

Here is a step-by-step guide to installing MSD coil packs on your VR6 engine.

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    1. I’ve never run a resistor, personally. Neither have any of my local friends with this setup. I’d recommend reading the Vortex thread I mention on the Helpful Tips page for more info.


  1. Hi Have massive challenges with the standard vr6 coilpack and are interested in the MSD coilpack.
    Could you please provide me with the MSD coilpack


  2. I just want to say THANK YOU.. These pictures basically put it in ENGLISH for me unlike the VW Vortex thread. Thanks so much!!!

  3. Hi I own a vr6 passat glx auto kronberg edition i am a enthusiast but not flush what would it cost complete with wires spark plugs and coils as I would love to see a improvement on a already awsome performer 647 241 0910 Raffi call if able

  4. 2 things.
    I intend to do this conversion on a 2000 euovan. I am ordering a eurovan ignition wire set. Am I ok with your conversion?
    VW Vortex posting mentions using a resister in front of each coil to match the resistance from the original pack. .7ohms Any opinions?

    1. Hi Chris… I’m sorry – I don’t know how your comment escaped, but I just saw it now. If you still need assistance, I’ve personally never used the resistor nor have any local customers that I’m aware of. Again, sorry for the delay responding.


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