Video: first start for Rick’s VR6

Update: This is now my car… I’ve been driving it daily with MSD ignition since the spring of 2013.

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    1. Hi Oscar. There are some plug recommendations in the Vortex thread I have linked to here: . I haven’t focused too much on changing plugs; just widening the gap. I believe I’m at 0.045″ now, and have thought about trying to go to 0.50″. the wider the gap, the more powerful the spark will be.

  1. hi do you have this msd kit for vr6 obd1 this one doesnt have coilpack is distribuitor ??? i m looking for one … 92 corrado slc

      1. On a distributor car all you do is disconnect the internal coil in the distributor (if there isn’t a external coil ) and wire a msd blaster coil to the wires that were disconnected from the oem coil. If there is a external coil you would just find the positive and ground and tap into those and make your own pigtail harness distributors are pretty easy to install msd to. Hope that helps

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